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» 4-Chloro-3-nitropyridine | CAS Number: 13091-23-1
Product Name :Sarcosine
Synonyms : 
  • Pyridine, 4-chloro-3-nitro-
  • 4-Chloro-3-nitropyridine
  • 3-Nitro-4-chloropyridine
Smiles : N(=O)(=O)C=1C(Cl)=CC=NC1
CAS Number :13091-23-1
Molecular Formula :C5H3ClN2O2Molecular Weight :158.54


» General Information:
Purity / Analysis Method>95.0%
Molecular Formula / Molecular WeightC5H3ClN2O2= 158.54
Physical State (20 deg.C)Solid
Store Under Inert GasStore under inert gas
Condition to AvoidMoisture Sensitive
CAS RN13091-23-1
Reaxys Registry Number
PubChem Substance ID2735781
SDBS (AIST Spectral DB)
Merck Index (14)
MDL NumberMFCD14706288
» Specifications:
AppearanceSolid, Yellow powder
Purity(Nonaqueous Titration)min. 95.0 %
Solubility in WaterNo
» Properties:
Melting Point42 °C  – 45 °C
Boiling Point
95 °C @ Press: 5 Torr
Ethyl Acetate, Chloroform, Methanol

The 4-Chloro-3-nitropyridine (4CNP) is a drug that has been modified to contain a nitro group. It is a multidrug that binds to the CB2 receptor and the benzodiazepine receptor. The 4CNP has shown to induce apoptosis in MCF-7 cells.


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